What is Sharp Prestige

What is Sharp Prestige

Sharp Prestige is your VIP access to the best the automotive industry has to offer!

Sharp Prestige is a specialty insurance product created with your vehicle in mind. Get more coverage, gain premium access to OEM parts and specialized repair services, and drive away knowing your new investment is fully protected.


Sharp Prestige at a Glance:


New Vehicle Replacement icon-01New Vehicle Replacement

Did you know you could be left owing thousands of dollars to your loan institution after your vehicle is written off? Sharp Prestige will cover any outstanding amount owing on your equity to ensure you receive a brand new vehicle.


Pre-Owned Vehicle icon-01Pre-owned Vehicle Depreciation Protection

Market depreciation factors will significantly lower your claims settlement amount.

You don’t have to settle for less: Sharp Prestige will get you what you paid for your vehicle at the time of purchase!


Gain Access to OEM icon-01Gain Access to OEM Parts

You’re not just buying a new vehicle: you are also investing in its design, engineering and performance. Your insurance policy may only cover you for aftermarket stock, jobber, or refurbished parts that may not even fit your vehicle’s specifications or match the quality of its original parts.

Don’t pick apart your investment: Sharp Prestige will cover the costs to repair your vehicle with OEM parts made by the experts who engineered it.


Experience Expert Craftsmanship icon-01Experience Expert Craftsmanship

How well does your insurance company know your vehicle? Currently, many repairs are sent to third-party auto body shops that may not have the same level of expertise as your dealership repair centre.

Sharp Prestige values the uniqueness of every vehicle, which is why we give you the choice to have your vehicle repaired by the specialists who know it best: your dealership.


Deductible Reimbursement icon-01Deductible Reimbursement

Did you know you are responsible for paying your deductible if you were involved in a hit and run?

No one wants to pay a deductible every time a loss happens, especially when you’re not at-fault. That’s why Sharp Prestige will reimburse your insurance deductible up to $500 on all insured losses, regardless of who is at fault.